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Winning needs survival

This is a fun marathon in which you have to perform a series of fun tasks. The tasks will be enjoyable fun games which will also help to inculcate corporate skill sets.


Play it like you own it!

This activity gives you chance to explore your favourite super hero Universes. It gives you an infinite scope of opportunities for super real estate in their fictional world! Buy their properties, and be a Super-Hero!


Escape if you can!

This activity enhances your knowledge about how an established company suffered a loss or how it faced the internal disputes. You will be given domains like: R&D, PRODUCTION, FINANCIAL, BOD, SILICON VALLEY, TRANSPORTATION CHAIN etc. and clues related to all the solution and after all the Key to escape the room.


"Don't be late, Investing is great"

This is a Stock Market based activity with the thrill of Poker! Earn your cash, invest in stocks and experience the profit and loss.


Mumbai to Mombasa

The game will consist of 16 players divided into teams of 4. First round is quiz followed by another fun game, in which, team completing first will get a chance to get a clue. The teams will then have to sort out a chain of clues and finally a puzzle to nail out the company's name to get hailed finally.


Winner Winner, next Entrepreneur

Your team work will lead you to succeess, share and you'll be in the endgame. This is LIVE TIME PUBG to test your corporate skills in the world of marvel.


"Into the Dark Dimensions"

This activity aims to make participants strive against the Dark by blind folding them and collecting the pieces of the logo of renowned companies one by one in a maze, simultaneously testing the corporate knowledge of the participants through a quiz.


Rise to conquer the lies

This activity is all about the way you use your financial knowledge to investigate the fraud. It will enhance your detective skills to be on top of the score board.


Run, then, for Victory

This is a physical activity to test your physical fitness and knowlege of the corporate world. It is an interface between your inner entrepreneur and the real world of business.


Hustle the Puzzle

It is the journey of solving bussiness problems to making puzzle of your idols. Bizzpuzz is a fun activity which takes you to all the campus to gather clues and making puzzle.


Coorporate Knowledge

Out of the Box Thinking

Team Bonding

Instant Decision Making

Fun Learning

Time Management



In this domain we learn how to develop the commnication skills, convicing power and pitching skills. Campaigning is done by each and every FE EDC member irrespective of other domains and activities.

Art and Craft

This domain is the “front face” of the event. Wherein a particular theme is decided to decorate the college. Countdown for the event and masterpiece are included in the decoration. This is the most important domain because it attracts the crowd.


Documentation is a recording of a process focused on clearly outlining issues, goals, recommendations, and guidelines, and created in a way that empowers collaboration and revisions in the future.


Designing domain is the first domain to start it's work. It works on backend of any event. The domain works on all designing related things. For example Logo, flex, poster designing and many more.


This domain focuses on financial management for the event. The committee decides a budget for the event according to the projected expenses and income. Accordingly sponsors are brought in to aid with event finances and the additional unforeseen expenses.


Logistics domain work as a backbone for any event. It can be explained simply making things available for all the other domains. It includes buying and transporting goods such as printing material,art and craft material,food,etc.


We are here to capture the efforts and enthusiasm of students and convert them to very special moment for each and every EDC member and also for college students. We are here to become the eye of students.

Marketing and Publicity

In this, promotion of the event and service is done through in-person interactions. Increasing the reach of Corpstrata to higher ends using multivarious ways through social media platforms.