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The Entrepreneurship Development Cell has taken the initiative, via this well-formed blog, to bring about awareness concerning the emerging enthusiasm regarding entrepreneurships and start-ups. While connecting with people worldwide, we aim at inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students from diverse fields.

September 23, 2018

Age of drones: Are you being watched?

Drones are state of the art technology. Numerous applications, numerous advantages. But are we safe? What if surveillance is slowly turning into snooping. Is privacy the price to pay for this technology? Read on to find out more.

September 18, 2018

Funding : An Entrepreneur's
Starter Cap

Thinking of starting up? But feel yourself to be short of funds? You know you need an investment. But what kind of investment exactly? These difficulties are faced by all, so here's your one click solution to these issues. Read on to learn more about this!

Dunding: An Entrepreneur's Starter Cap
September 11, 2018

Book My Show!

Try recalling the frustrating times you would have to stand in a queue just to get a movie ticket and ended up seeing it go houseful in front of your eyes. Who would have thought one could be booking tickets through their phones, just sitting at home? Well, gone are the days when we had to stand in queues for long hours just to book a ticket. Booking a ticket has been simplified to a whole different level. It is now just a few clicks away. All this is possible due to the ever-developing technology and the mastermind behind this concept, Ashish Hemranjini.

Book My Show
August 19,2018

Data Analysis: A necessity or a luxury?

The most vital part of any start-up process is data analysis. Leading edge start-ups in every sector are using analytics to replace guess work in their decision making. Let us find out if data analysis is a necessity or really, a luxury?

Data Analysis: A necessity or a luxury?
August 13, 2018

Angel Investors and Acquisitions

A and a

Ever wondered the difference between a takeover and an acquisition? Or finding it hard to differentiate between angel investors and venture capitalists? This blog will give you an insight about these terms.

July 29, 2018

Digital Industries

Digital Industries

The I sector, which mainly involves development of technology and digitisation not only provides a huge number of jobs, but also decides where a company stands in the world market. The more the technologically advanced country, the higher it is considered to be in the market, as it eventually attracts sharp minds and investors, leading to the overall development of the country. To know more about this sector and the scope in this area, read our next blog!

July 23, 2018

Lemon Tree! An Accidental Success?

Lemon Tree! An Accidental Success?

Lemon tree founded by Patanjali Keswani is said to be an accidental success. But was it really and accidental success or was it a result of a detailed study about India’s dynamic hospitality market? Continue to get an insight about this debatable topic!

July 16, 2018

25 vs. 52

25 vs 52

A lot of questions will cross your mind when you decide to start-up. The most common one? What exactly is right time in a person’s life to enter the market? This is when many aspects like experience, contacts, decisiveness, energy and responsibility start playing their roles. Read on to find out what role your age plays when starting up!

July 11, 2018

Assets and liabilities

Entrepreneur or Employee

A lot of us hear these terms per diem whereas, how many of us have truly grasped the essence of assets and liabilities?
Read on to find out more about these terms with stimulating examples that form an integral part of the current market scenarios.

July 7, 2018


Why Start Now?

It’s kind of a general two-minded state people face when deciding whether or not to become an entrepreneur. It’s a risk, no doubt and the roadblocks offered are not too easy to handle.
What the journey ends up being is that a person with a brilliant idea never brings it to fruition, and with today’s rapid growth, somebody else surely picks it up, nurtures it and earn a fortune.

July 3, 2018


Emerging startup culture

Gone are the days, when one would find students decked up in suits holding pile of documents, preparing for interviews during college placements.
Call it a trend, fad or boom but that scenario seems to be overshadowed by the ones dressed up casually holding sleek laptops, working on their start-ups.

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