July 27, 2019

Neuralink- a boon or a curse to mankind?

Neuralink- a boon or a curse to mankind?
  • Elon venturing into new field of neuro-technology.
  • Elon planning to build a BMI system for stimulating and receiving signals from the brain using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Neuralink receives a funding of $158 million in 2017.
  • Initial motive being curing people from serious brain damages.

Some might call Elon Musk crazy for having ideas of the immediate need of colonization of the human race on Mars for preventing the Third World War, while some idolize him for his great work on Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX. His ideas might seem a bit quirky, but his work surely says he does have a good vision. Back in 2000, when lead was used in petrol and carbon emission was drastically increasing by the day, no one was even ready to address the issue! Elon not only went against the odds for working on an electric car, but also brought the electric cars of Tesla to a level where it was a matter of pride for a family to have a Tesla!
Have you ever heard of a man who is well versed in technology as well as business? Well, Elon Musk is surely a wizard, having an in depth knowledge in both. Elon having explored everything from starting an online banking business, PayPal, working on electric cars at Tesla and learning everything about the extraterrestrial things at SpaceX, now he wants to hack your brain! Does sound intimidating, doesn’t it? Elon names his new venture 'Neuralink'. Neuralink was started in 2017 and on 16th of July, 2019 Elon unmasked this new venture, giving a presentation on how Neuralink would be working. Neuralink has received a funding of $158 million with Elon having invested $100 million.
Neuralink is tech startup to build implants that connects human brains with computer interfaces via artificial intelligence. It has the potential of creating a leading-edge brain-machine interface (BMI) system that can read the electrical signals firing in your brain, and create artificial ones, too!
The main aim of Neuranlink is to make devices that initially would treat serious brain disease and brain damage that was caused by a stroke in the short-term. For example, helping the paraplegics walk or restoring the sight of blind. To keep up with the computers, Musk’s startup will allow human to achieve “a sort of symbiosis with artificial intelligence”.
A chip would be having super fine threads that would be linked to brain and reading signals. Controlling of these implants would be wireless. Users will have to wear a Bluetooth earpiece that can connect to an iPhone app. Neuralink has already implanted chips in rats and plans to test its BMI in humans within two years after trying it on monkeys.
Neuralink sure has some huge plans, which have its highs and lows. Neuralink could turn out be an amazing startup, curing people from brain damages, etc. or maybe a threat to mankind. As Elon himself says artificial intelligence is something dangerous for mankind, this really seems to something intimidating as the AI controlled chips would be attached to your brain! Whatever the consequences be, we are definitely looking forward for Neuralink’s very first attempt on humans!

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