Entrepreneurship Drive Campaign

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.

Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO

It used to be that if you graduated from university, with good grades, you were guaranteed a job in your chosen field. But as more and more people go to university, this is no longer the case. Graduates now more than ever need to show prospective employers that they have a more rounded skill set. So what skills are employers looking for? Problem-solving, flexibility and adaptability, taking the initiative, self-awareness, and resilience are all “skills” which graduates need to have to be competitive in the market today. And, funnily enough, these are all key entrepreneurial skills as well!

Entrepreneurship has become crucial at an international level. Even under the changing economic scenarios, it is perhaps the most crucial step in the development and progress of our nation, with the potential to make paradigm shifting alterations in the economic and political scenario in our country, and the world. In this regard, student entrepreneurship, has been critical to overall entrepreneurial growth in other countries and will be so in India as well.

Considering campuses across India, we recognize that, by a wide margin, each of us are trying our best to bring all our innovations into the limelight, in the best possible manner, be it through conferences, or several other means. However, while spearhead a potentially groundbreaking idea, there are often things that need to be counselled when the decision comes to take the idea into the market, from a well established body, from the ones pioneering the field. This is where the necessity of a well-organized sustainable body comes into picture.

With our colleges generally at the vanguard of student entrepreneurship, it is imperative that we come together on a regular basis, share lessons and build on synergies. This is the motivation for setting up such a drive.

What lined up is a systematic and well-structured mentoring program and periodic interactive sessions with the vision to sustainably develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the individual campuses across some of the potential institutes across India.

And since young people and children are our potential future entrepreneurs and a large part of their attitudes towards entrepreneurship forms during their formative years we need to start early and teach them how to use their creativity, trust their ideas and have the self-confidence to try to make business out of their activities.