Open Floor

Vishwapreneur is a national level Entrepreneurial Summit organised by the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune.

The most attractive part of this year's convention is an exclusive open floor session with your favourite entrepreneurial ventures! The open floor has been designed to give our participants a wholesome experience of the startup culture. Given a chance to interact with CXOs and founders from unsurpassed establishments, you must not miss the opportunity.

A complete affair has been contrived for you, available at the just Rs. 150/-

Guest List

Jay Jain
Founder- Astute Group

Jay Jain

Mr. Jain has a unique set of skills in setting up companies across all domains to become part of mobile, digital and IOT revolutions. Coming from a business family, he started his entrepreneurship journey at an early age of 14. Sir's thorough knowledge also has huge potential to generate invariable unique, innovative and fastest growing mobile, digital and IOT space. He is the 'Out of Box' thinker, always ready to experiment and preparing his all ventures to embrace the next wave.

Ankita Shroff

Ankita Shroff

In a scenario where women entrepreneurs are not too visible, Ankita started her entrepreneurship journey exactly a year ago in Pune. SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a Professional Manufacturer of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (instant adhesive) Mxbon branded products for consumer and industrial market. It is a Joint venture with Taiwan based Cartell Chemicals, an adhesive expert. To supply the increasing demand of instant adhesives in India, SAV Chemicals offers a range of different grades and packaging.


Jay Jain

According to Nikhil Bhaskaran, CEO and Co-founder of, students need to be taught in low pressure environments and the syllabus needs to be flexible. He shares his experience of running a company that deals with students all year round in this interview. The company focuses on teaching students about the next big revolution in computer technology such as AI and IoT. He and his team teaches students for free and the only criteria for selection in the course is that you need to be eager to learn.

Keerthi Kadam
Editor-Director at POCC
Start-up Founder-

Keerthi Kadam

Innovator, first generation entrepreneur and futurist, Mr. Keerthi Kadam has an MBA from Keller School of Business, University of North Alabama, USA. He has a vast experience in the field of marketing and sales which greatly helps the start-ups he is associated with. A perfect combination of vision and optimism, Mr. Kadam likes to push the boundaries of the known world. He is a change agent who is relentless in making things happen. As an editor director of POCC, he plays a key role in bringing ideas to life.

Director, brand solutions at saavn

Bhavna Lalchandwani

Bhavna Lalchandani has joined global music OTT platform Saavn as director - Brand Solutions. Previously, Lalchandani was founder and CEO of CheersOye, a digital payments and loyalty startup which she left after licensing its backend technology to a health-tech startup.In the new role, Lalchandani will be responsible for driving revenue, growth and customer satisfaction. She shall lead the ad space and provide leadership for the day-to-day operations of the brand solutions department while maintaining focus on the company's strategic goals.

arimaya ventures

Siddharth Deshmukh

This is the mantra Siddharth Deshmukh the head of Talent Representation and Sponsorships (ASMG) & khelNow CEO (Group company) follows for being a successful leader in the sports industry. A computer science graduate followed by an MBA in IT, a Post graduate diploma in Human Resources (Symbiosis International University), post graduate diploma in Sports Management (College of Event and Media) and a certification diploma in Corporate Strategy & Business policies (IIT Bombay), Sid is a seasoned global business leader with 15 plus years of progressive experience across large corporates to early stage start-ups across Information technology, healthcare, BFSI & Sports.