Vishwapreneur '14

Some Highlights of Vishwapreneur 2014

   Mr.Anant Sardeshmukh, Director-General, MCCIA launched the Vishwapreneur merchandise. It was a red carpet event at the convention.

   Students from Ahmednagar and Nasik gave huge response with over 100 entries from these two places.

    A talk and interactive session by Mr. Ram Bhogale, Chairman of Nirlep Appliances Ltd sharing his views on the basics of entrepreneurship, and how he successfully applied them to Nirlep, thus making it one of the biggest brands in the market.

   A session by Dr. Ranjit Date, Managing Director, PARI Automation on his journey in robotics as an entrepreneur. He is the youngest person to have received a doctorate in robotics.

    Ms Nisha Advani, Convenor, Vishwapreneur'14 conducted an interview with Mr. Vishal Chordia, ‎Director Strategy and Marketing, Pravin Masalevale. With his witty and interesting answers, Mr. Chordia described how he successfully converted a pickle brand to a "masala" one.

    In another interactive session, Mrs. Darshana Parmar Jain, Joint MD of Ishwar Parmar group explained the technicalities involved in marketing and told her journey in brand building with a focus on women empowerment, which truly inspired the crowd with almost every statement that she made.

    Business Plan (B-Plan) Competition: It was aimed to give impetus to budding entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality and with an incentive of prize money worth Rs.75,000, the competition was a huge success. Over 500 contestants participated from all over India. In the first phase, their abstracts were thoroughly scrutinized by the esteemed panel of judges, comprising Mr. A.V. Chitale, Management Consultant, Prof. Vivek Phadke, HOD-HR, Vishwakarma Institute of Management and Mr. Sameer Dua, Founder, Gift Your Organ Foundation. In the second phase, the participants were given a case study, the answer to which was expected in 100 words. Based on the points awarded, in two phases, the judges shortlisted top 10 teams and allowed them to present their B-Plans in the phase 3. After grueling session of questions and answers with the judges, the top 2 teams were selected, felicitated, and given the prize money.

Mr. Ram Bhogale
Chairman, Nirlep Appliances PVT,ltd.

He shed some light on the basics on entrepreneurship, and how he successfully applied them to Nirlep, thus making it one of the biggest companies to break the market and create a dent in the world. He is a vivid speaker and has given lectures all over the country. He also has written articles for the Maratha daily Loksatta and is the president of MCCIA.

Dr. Vithal Kamath
Chairman, Kamat Group of hotels.

With anecdotes from his experience, and his cheerful attitude, Dr.Kamath explained what actually makes an entrepreneur. Receiving a round of applause every 2 minutes, he inspired every individual in the auditorium to reach out for the stars. A second-generation restaurateur, a pioneer in green hotels, an entrepreneur and a black belt holder in karate, he displayed his versatile personality. He today is the chairman of the award winning Asia's first Ecotel hotel- The Orchid.

Dr. Ranjit Date
Managing Director, PARI Automation.

He is the youngest person to have received a doctorate in robotics here. A very well-planned and methodical session, Dr. Ranjit Date was kind enough to share his knowledge with the inquisitive crowd. He is responsible for the vision, business direction and mentoring at PARI.He has helped automate factory assembly lines in India.

Mrs. Darshana Parmar Jain
Joint MD , Ishwar Parmar group.

In the session, not only did she explain the technicalities involved in marketing and brand building, she focused especially on women empowerment, inspiring the crowd with nearly every statement she made. She is a dynamic entrepreneur with an academic background in CS, she has worked for leading IT companies like IBM before, joining her father's construction group.

Dr. Manish Gupta
Chairman and Founder, Chrysalis .

He converted the atmosphere to a very cheerful one in just a few minutes of audience interaction. A business coach by profession, he also emphasised on the importance of being positive, it being the only way to sustain and survive in this demanding world. He is a business coach, a life Guru, and an authority on human dynamics, he has made a difference in the lives of more than a quarter of a million people

Mr. Vishal Chordia
Director Strategy and Marketing, Suhana

A young industrialist from food and beverage industry, he gave very witty & interesting answers, and also described how he successfully converted a pickle brand to a “masala” one. All of his brands have registered a double digit growth over the last decade. Today, Suhana has extended its breadth and depth of offerings: from 44 products in 1999 to over 150 products with huge growth.

Mr. Harshit Desai
Associate Director, KPMG.

With emphasis on marketing and brand building, he enlightened the crowd with tricks to success of your own startup. He is a user experience evangelist, a media enthusiast whose mission is to enhance user experience of most digital devices we come across in our everyday life.He has proven his thoughts leadership in experience consulting by implementing tactical and strategic initiatives for fortune 500 companies.