Vishwapreneur '15

Some Highlights of Vishwapreneur 2015

   The convention started off with a B-Plan Competition on 2nd January, which stands out to be Pune’s biggest, with a total prize money of INR 75,000 to be given away along with exclusive training sessions for each participant. The B-Plans were judged by veteran entrepreneurs who mentored the participants through the process of starting, funding and growing their businesses. Some participants were able to attract angel financers too.

    The start speaker included renowned entrepreneurs like Mr. Mahesh Manjerekar (Founder, GME Productions), Mr. Varun Agarwal (Co-founder, Alma Mater), Dr. Anil Kumar Kaza (MD, Sowbhagya Ispat Pvt. Ltd), Dr.Mr. Arun Nathani (Founder, Cybage Software), Mr. Hanmnant Gaikwad (Chairman & M.D, Bharat Vikas Group) and Ms. Kruti Jain (Director, Kumar Urban Development).

    A unique Business Quiz Competition on the world of brands and business was hosted to broaden the horizon of real world knowledge of every participant.

    A panel discussion and interactive session included leading industrialists such as Mr. Vastupal Ranka (Director, Ranka Jewellers), Mr. Abhay Jere (Associate Vice-President, Persistent Systems), Mr. Umesh Dashrathi (Founder, Rucha Industries) and Mrs. Darshana Parmar Jain (Executive Director, Ishwar Parmar Group).

    Mr. Hemant Naiknavare (President, CREDAI Pune Metro) and Mr. Farhan Pettiwala (President and CEO, Enactus India) were the guests of honour at panel discussions.

    Mr. D.S. Kulkarni (DSK Builders), Dr.Vitthal Kamath (Kamath Group of Hotels) and Mr. Ram Bhogle, EDC, VIIT also blessed the event with their presence and experience sharing.

Dr. Anil Kumar Kaza
MD, Sowbhagya Ispat India Pvt. Ltd.

Anil KazaReferring to the quote, “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”, Dr. Anil Kumar Kaza stressed on the qualities of an entrepreneur and the various aspects of professional ethics. Dr. Kaza highlighted the importance of mechanical engineering and its contribution to innovation.

Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad
Chairman and MD, BVG Group.

Hanmant GaikwadA member of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology’s alumnus, Mr Hanmant Gaikwad shared the story of his journey from a two-room house to building a 1,200 crore empire. He spoke about how eight members began working to develop a locality and now, an army of 55,000 workers towards the betterment of the nation. He explained how he contributed to humanity by running a fleet of ambulances and emergency services.

Mr. Mahesh Manjrekar
Founder, GME Productions.

MaheshStressing on risks in the world of entrepreneurship, Mr. Mahesh Manjrekar, a distinguished actor, writer, director and producer, spoke about how he had to fight his way through to carve a niche in the industry, on his path to set standards which veterans in his industry find hard to match.

Mr. Varun Agarwal
Founder , Alma Mater.

Being an engineering student, he was disinterested and spoke about how he wanted to do something different, how he stopped overthinking .He directed a short movie, dropped out of college after which he and friend came up with the idea of selling sweatshirts customized for alumni of various colleges. This spawned Alma Mater and also a couple of startups.He was inspired by AR Rahman who told him that “life is short”.

Ms. Kiran Bhatt
MD, XEBEC Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Enthusiastic, Exuberant, she talked about the importance and mechanics of branding, how it has helped powerful people gain influence like Narendra Modi and how corporates capture market share with it.Also gave helpful pointers on how we can create a succesful brand with descriptive examples

Mr. Jaideep Raje
MD, Bhate & Raje.

The executive talked about how he faced challenges and the general opportunities you can get. Inspired the crowd to dream on and face life head on. His personality and aura enthused the audience. He formed Bhate & Raje in 1992 with Mr. Ajit Bhate. Over the years, his enterprise has expanded its horizons. He is a name of repute in the construction industry.